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Town Hall

I’ll be holding Town Halls where members of the public can provide input on how we can improve the quality of life in our city. It is time the people had the opportunity to be heard.

Managing Our Financial health

Managing the City’s financial health has been the top priority of this administration. But the poor management of the city’s credit is reflected in this administration’s late interest payment in March of this year. Even when money is in the bank, our residents still cannot count on this administration to meet its obligations of paying bills on time.

A credit rating is defined by more than how fast we pay off our balances. I’ll be releasing a public digest on the City’s financial health and what I plan on doing to build our credit, reduce debt and increase our tax base.

Affordable Housing

There’s no question the City needs to build its tax base. But we have to make sure that our families and residents have room to grow with us. Gone are the days of warehousing people in low income complexes that divide our residents across economic lines.

I believe in mixed market development. For our housing market to remain inclusive, we need a Mayor who respects that all residents have the right to be part of the City’s future.

Historic Preservation

Preserving our city’s historic resources can be a powerful boost to civic pride. Ultimately, economic development flows to communities that are proud of their identity and protect the places that make their community unique.  

Despite the emotional and physical scars left by urban renewal, Poughkeepsie retains an important collection of special places worth treasuring. I will make preservation a real part of our city’s future. Not because it’s nice, but because it’s necessary.

Combined Tax Burden

When it comes to the school district and the city’s longstanding policy of separate-but-equally-failing, the buck stops here. We have to stabilize the increasing tax burden on homeowners here in the city of Poughkeepsie. We have to secure all revenue owed to the city and return a value on the money we spend.

Fostering Job Creation

Right now our hospitals have dozens of vacancies they cannot fill because the local labor force has not been trained. Jobs in the carpentry, plumbing, and electrical trades are also going unfilled due to a lack of qualified applicants.

We can do a better job training our young people and partnering with our neighbors to build our economy.