Financial Stability


Tax Burden

Poughkeepsie’s residents have seen property taxes increase by more than 26% and a 5.4% school budget increase since 2016. Property taxes total $200 million with little to show for it in City services or High School graduation rates.

I will realign our tax priorities to provide more funding to support our youth and families so that our tax dollars facilitate a higher quality of education.

I will end unnecessary tax waivers granted to developers who are not growing jobs in our City.

I will secure additional revenue sources and increase our tax base by returning vacant and abandoned properties to the tax roll. As mayor, I will fight to return the sales tax revenue surrendered to the county.



Our streets are littered with garbage, graffiti and vacant properties. Due to poor code enforcement, the housing stock is crumbling. Right now, our historic neighborhoods are suffering from neglect.

With revenue that this administration has lost in uncollected taxes, sweetheart developer deals, and failed grant applications, the city could have created a Rehabilitation Fund to help stabilize and improve neighborhoods.

We cannot afford to let absentee landlords and ghost owners turn our housing stock into a breeding ground for elicit activity.

As mayor I vow to enforce the codes and ordinances we already have on the books, invest in our neighborhoods and return to the tax rolls the more than 500 vacant properties in this city.


DownTown revitalization

Riverfront revitalization cannot stop at the River. It should continue up the entire length of Main Street.

As Mayor, I will secure downtown revitalization grants from federal and state sources whenever possible. These grants require a comprehensive plan for development which the current administration has yet to provide.

We will encourage the 600,000 annual Walkway over the Hudson visitors to continue their walk by exploring our City.

We will partner with Vassar Brothers Medical Center by investing in infrastructure to enable their continued growth and job creation. We will rebuild the livability of this city by investing in our water and sewer lines as well as our street and sidewalk infrastructure.

We will transform our City by balancing commercial and residential growth for all of our residents.