Stay Informed

This campaign is about community. I want to hear from you. I want to know how you think we can best improve the quality of life in this city. And I’ve built this website to help me share information with you, and for us to stay connected.

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Volunteer opportunities



100% Graduation

Aiming to improve Education

It’s time the City of Poughkeepsie have an Executive that understands improving the quality of education delivered by our school district is at the heart of building our community back up. For too long Mayors have gotten away with a hands off approach with our students and families. It’s time we make the City a place that supports our students and their education.



Officers of Color

Improving Police Community Relations

With a near 100 person police force, it is unacceptable to have approximately 5% of diversity on the force in a city as culturally diverse as ours. We can do a better job policing our communities and preventing the flow of drugs and weapons to and through our city.



Annual Visitors to the Walkway over the Hudson

It is time we take on a real Anti-blight, and Downtown Revitalization revitalization. Poughkeepsie can become the world-renowned city of its destiny, but we need stronger leadership to foster the connections and attract sustainable and job creating investment into the City