Public Safety


21st CEntury Policing

There is no question about it, the administration’s failure to protect our minors from aggression on behalf of law enforcement is unacceptable. And to ad insult to injury, the Chief of Police, appointed by the Mayor, believes the police should police themselves. That’s ludicrous. This administration’s last ditch efforts to announce a plan for community policing, three and a half years into his administration, after a lifetime career as a law enforcement officer, and more than fifteen years in elected office—we see right though you.

I believe civilian oversight of the police begins with our elected officials. That’s why as mayor I vow to you this:

1) To diversify the police. I do not believe 60 college credits is the barrier to entry for people of color and women. I believe our force has been an inhospitable environment for diversity and that starts from the top down.

2) We need to explore and begin the robust conversation to establish a civilian review board. I will be announcing a a Community Policing Town Hall in the weeks to come. I do not believe a law enforcement agency either should, or legitimately can, hold independent oversight over themselves. There is a conflict of interest that lends itself to the appearance of impropriety.

3) We have to update our policies and protocols for policing our minors, deescalating a fight, and monitoring our neighborhoods. Our community is diverse, our protocols and procedures should reflect the nuance that is necessary for responding to all manner of police community responses.