Today’s cities are using information technology and business analytics to transform how services are delivered to their residents. We must stay current.  Cloud based mobile technologies that allow immediate access to information can provide residents with up to the minute status reports on how their problems are being addressed.  This level of complete transparency ensures a much greater level of accountability. 

Technology can also improve our effectiveness in making sure basic services like park maintenance, street cleaning and blight removal are done in a timely way.  Technology, when deployed correctly, delivers tremendous productivity and brings real value to taxpayers.

If you have ever reported suspicious activity in a vacant home, complained about graffiti in your neighborhood, or called to have a street tree removed, your request is handled by a City staff person responsible for an overwhelming number of daily calls.  Depending on where you live in the City, it can take weeks and sometimes months for the City DPW to respond. 

Governments at all levels, from the White House down to municipalities smaller than Poughkeepsie, are using Cloud based mobile technologies to help them understand and effectively meet the needs of their constituents.  We need to invest in an Integrated Information Technology Infrastructure to speed City services to residents who need them.

In government, technology does not displace the human workforce.  But it does give that human workforce an amazing tool that delivers a far better return on the value of our tax dollars.  Technology will help our workforce at City Hall process their workload more effectively, decrease stress, and free up time for creative thinking and innovation in addressing our City’s challenges.